The Magic Pudding

The Magic Pudding Storybook Walk  

The Magic Pudding by Norman Lindsay Written by Norman Lindsay.

Artwork created by Steve Hayter and ShowTrek, 2013, with permission by H.C and A. Glad.

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A tale of a magical pudding that, when eaten, reforms to be eaten again and three friends who travel with the magical pudding - Bunyip Bluegum the Koala, Bill Barnacle the Sailor and Sam Sawnoff the Penguin.

"‘The trouble is,’ said Bill, ‘that this is a very secret, crafty Puddin’, an’ if you wasn’t up to his games he’d be askin’ you to look at a spider an’ then run away while your back is turned.’"

Meet the Artist: Steve Hayter

Steve Hayter artist Steve Hayter is a Sculptor, Designer, Prop And Model Maker, Museum Preparator, Set Painter, Costume Maker, Creator of Extreme Physical Giant Puppets, Creator of Special Effects.  

ShowTrek specialises in the arts industry in custom engineering and creative manufacturing. Steve Hayter and ShowTrek have successfully collaborated for thirty years in the construction industry, working alongside builders, architects and Councils, designing and fabricating themed and sculptured artworks. Our portfolio includes a vast array of projects from sculptured mega fauna to storytelling chairs to complex sets for indoor/ outdoor events installed worldwide.