I'm a Dirty Dinosaur

Storybook Walk - I'm a Dirty Dinosaur

I'm a Dirty Dinosaur Written by Janeen Brian, illustrated by Ann James.

Artwork created by Sally Wickes.

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This cheeky little dinosaur loves to play and mess about in mud. But he also loves to stamp and stomp, shake and tap, splash and slide and sniff and snuff about!

"I'm a dirty dinosaur with a dirty snout.
I never wipe it clean I just sniff and snuff about."

Meet the artist: Sally Wickes

Sally Wickes - artistSally Wickes is a sculptor, visual artist and industrial designer. Working in traditional and new materials, she brings life to her creations for exhibition, public art and symposia.

Visually, Sally's artworks are diverse as they are enriched by individual concepts and stories. She is inspired by nature and in turn hopes to inspire wise caretaking of our natural world.