Columbia Sneezes

Columbia Sneezes - storybook walk

Columbia Sneezes by Janeen Brian and Gabe Cunnett

Written by Janeen Brian, illustrated by Gabe Cunnett.

Artwork created by Wrenaissance, 2011, with permission by Scholastic Australia Pty Ltd.

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 A delightful childrens book about Columbia - a Camel that loves his desert home, except for the desert breeze, that carries the sand, that tickles his nose, that makes him sneeze.

"So, full of such hope, camel did as was said,
but sneezes still came, from his toes to his head."

Meet the artist: Wrenaissance

Trevor Wren and Danica Gacesa McLean make up Wrenaissance. They successfully collaborate in public art projects, and enjoyed the process to develop a whimsical and humorous concept to depict Columbia.