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Arthur by Amanda GrahamWritten by Amanda Graham, illustrated by Donna Gynell.

Artwork created by Gerry McMahon, 2009, with permission by Era Publishing.

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Arthur is an ordinary brown dog in a pet shop that nobody seems to want. So Arthur decides to be other animals like a snake or a rabbit, just so he can find a home.

"All the other dogs had been sold because dogs were very popular- all the dogs except Arthur. He was just an ordinary brown dog, who dearly wanted a home, with a pair of old slippers to chew."

Meet the Artist: Gerry McMahon

Artist Gerry McMahon with Mulga Bill

Gerry McMahon is an Adelaide based artist whose practice has evolved from the skills he acquired from his previous occupation as a sheet metal tradesman. He has always appreciated the characteristics of metal, particularly its versatility and durability, but as an artist he is able to experiment, explore the boundaries and manipulate metal in a more creative fashion than ever before.

Many of his works are playful, capturing the imagination and evoking a whimsical, joyful sentiment. He is driven to create positive, engaging and uplifting works that communicate to their audience and enrich their environment.

Gerry’s practice is divided into three major areas: commissioned works, exhibitions and workshops. While enjoy the freedom of exhibiting, it is in the realm of public art that Gerry gains the greatest satisfaction, allowing his works to be seen by a larger audience and sharing his vision with the whole community; public pieces created within community based workshops reinforce this concept even further.