Acre Avenue Public Art Commission - Morphett Vale

Acre Ave Sam Songailo

In late 2018 Adelaide artist Sam Songailo was commissioned to create two artworks for Acre Ave, Morphett Vale and these were installed in August 2019.

This public art installation is to support road safety awareness in conjunction with a recent council streetscape upgrade undertaken to improve safety for children attending Morphett Vale Primary School. The artwork locations consider many factors including road safety, pedestrian crossings, sightlines, service locations and relationship to the existing built environment. Sam’s artworks are designed to highlight that children use the area and are an integrated part of our traffic management project.

Sam has created changeable artworks utilising flip-dot technology, with content to be created collaboratively with school children. Two double-sided artworks powered by solar panels will display black and white designs that change twice daily, encouraging drivers to pay attention to the areas near the pedestrian crossings.

Sam writes “ I hope to create a narrative around the site that evolves over time and achieves a prolonged engagement with the users of the space…I have developed a concept that ties in to the rhythm of movement in the area…”

This public art project was funded by a Residents Win grant, secured by Morphett Vale Primary School with assistance from Outerspace Landscape Architects.

Design development/work in progress details, Sam Songailo, 2018



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