Review of our Sport and Active Recreation Strategic Management Plan

Published on 08 February 2021


What is the Sport and Active Recreation Strategic Management Plan (SARSMP)?

Endorsed by Council in 2014, the Sport and Active Recreation Strategic Management Plan (SARSMP) 2014-2019 purpose is to guide the future provision, enhancement and management of sport and active recreation facilities, services and programs across the City of Onkaparinga through to 2035. This is in line with our overarching Community Plan 2035.

Why is the SARSMP being reviewed?

SARSMP is being reviewed in five-year cycles and we are at the end of the first cycle. To inform the review process we have undertaken an internal evaluation of SARSMP 2014-2019 and have undertaken a number of important projects that have guided the new actions. This has included undertaking a sport and active recreation research and analysis study to identify key changes and trends that have occurred since 2014 and that are anticipated in the next five years. The Project Timeline Summary provides an overview of the various projects including their purpose, responsible staff and indicative time frames.

SARSP Project Timeline Summary Infographic(PDF, 121KB)

Will you be engaging with the community?

Yes, there has been opportunities for clubs, organisations and the wider community to provide input and information during the stage 1 initial community engagement. We thank those who have provided valuable feedback to date. Opportunities to have Your say in stage 2 and provide feedback on the draft Sport and Active Recreation Action Plan 2021-25 will be provided in February 2021 and will be listed under community engagement on this web page.   


Internal evaluation

Research analysis

Stage 1: Initial community engagement

Research findings paper

Draft plan

Stage 2: Draft plan community engagement

Final plan


More Information

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