...in an unsettled position by Cynthia Schwertsik

Saturday 21 March- Saturday 20 June 2020 

AnthropocenTric Speculations and the HeadSpace series have developed alongside each other during the residency at Sauerbier House.

The complexity of Anthropocene presents us with enormous challenges; should we refine the elegy as a lament for the species, people and places that have and will be lost? Should we strive to develop new languages of grief or hope? What is art of the Anthropocene - a memorial?

As these profound questions weigh me down, I am perplexed by the irrational response to the current crisis and well, yes, we do survive complex problems by turning to absurdity. But still, I feel deeply unsettled as I continue my everyday life, I continue to breath and contemplate how to undo the future.

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