Alice Blanch

Lands Edge

Riverside Studio | July - September 2018

Over the last three months I have spent many hours walking and listening to the Ngangkiparingka Onkaparinga River, focusing on observing humble gestures of the natural environment. I have been watching the balance that occurs so seamlessly between water and earth at the lands edge.  These elements give and take in a quiet fluidity; the river bends here, and the rocks give way over there, both compromise equally to allow for mutual function and survival of each element.

Through quiet observation and contemplation I sense that there is a lot to learn from the natural environment. Relationships in nature are based around equal give and take, push and pull, and are constantly shifting to allow both elements to survive and flourish in their own right. I wonder how we can bring more balance into our human relationships with one another, between different cultures and our relationship with the land itself.

Works presented in this exhibition are the result of experimentation, working with new and old techniques and mediums within my art practice as well as exploring concepts of meeting points between elements.

I respectfully acknowledge and recognise that this exhibition and artworks created along the Ngangkiparingka | Onkaparinga River has taken place on traditional and sacred land of the Kaurna people.   I honour and pay respect to Elders past present and emerging.

Exhibition dates: July - September 2018
Exhibition venue: Sauerbier House, 21 Wearing St, Port Noarlunga SA 5167

Image credit: untitled, 2018. Image courtesy artist.