Place of Courage

Place of Courage is a public art project which seeks to commemorate the traumatic impact of family and domestic violence on individuals, families and communities, raising awareness and furthering the dialogue for understanding and change.

The Spirit of Woman is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to advocate a world free from domestic violence, to provide comfort and healing, to promote courage to speak up and out and create unity for everyone.

The City of Onkaparinga have been working with Spirit of Woman for the last few years to develop this project. The central objective of the Place of Courage project is to create a work which encourages recognition of this issue using public art and design.

Place of courage.png

Artist impression of work.  
Materials: Cut granite boulder with ripple artwork on a crushed gravel pad with metal edging.
Approximate Dimensions: 2 metre diameter

The objectives for this work are for it to:

  • be a place of quiet reflection, contemplation and healing that provides an enduring symbol for current and future generations of the lifelong traumatic impact of family and domestic violence
  • evoke the historical significance of the community’s commitment to providing support for victims of family and domestic violence
  • acknowledge that all genders, cultures and communities are impacted
  • inspire and engage people to learn more
  • invite people to gather, linger and sit
  • convey hope, optimism and lightness
  • create a welcoming and inviting space, providing easy access and a sense of safety
  • give a powerful public profile to the vision of a future free from family and domestic violence.

The site will be a place of comfort and healing, promoting courage to speak up and out and providing a powerful symbol of a peaceful and unified community.

Project information

Rotary Park was identified in a feasibility study undertaken by the City of Onkaparinga in 2018-2019 and was recommended very highly as a suitable site. This study referenced extensive community engagement undertaken by Spirit of Woman in 2017-18 and included over 500 community members.

The commissioning and concept development for this work is part of the larger project undertaken in conjunction with the City of Adelaide (CoA) by Spirit of Woman and CHEB art (Artists Deb Jones and Christine Cholewa). Their concept included outreach works that could be installed in other locations around Adelaide. The aim of this was to link projects across the state encouraging other councils to install the outreach works thus creating a greater awareness of the issue of domestic and family violence using signifiers from an overarching concept. The ‘ripple’ is the core concept from their concept and the City of Onkaparinga have finalised the placement and design with both Spirit of Woman and CHEB to install a ‘ripple’ in Rotary Park, Christies Beach.

This site is significant in that Helen Oxenham was one of the founders of the first Women’s Shelter in Adelaide which was situated on Beach Road, Christies Beach. The City of Onkaparinga will project manage and assist in the administration, installation, maintenance and protection of this work as it is on council land.

The work will be placed in Rotary Park, Christies Beach in April 2021. Rotary Park is a highly activated park with a playground, numerous picnic and barbecue facilities, public amenities and is situated close to public transport. Many people visit this park and placing this work at this location will mean it becomes a place where both individuals and groups can come and reflect and heal in a safe and naturally beautiful environment.

The work is funded by Spirit of Woman, City of Onkaparinga and Rotary Morphett Vale.

For more information please contact:

Anna Hughes
Public Art Project Officer


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