Barking dogs

Residents are encouraged in the first instance to try to solve the problem with the owner of the dog. Generally, the owner of the dog may not know it barks when they are not there. A politely worded letter or a calm discussion can resolve many issues.

If these approaches are unsuccessful, we will require a request in writing to investigate the matter. Our initial investigation will require the complainant to complete a diary to record the extent of the barking. Council rangers are available to provide advice to dog owners and the neighbours in these instances. If these methods prove unsuccessful, the council will gather evidence that can be used in the prosecution of the owners. Unfortunately, it can take several months to resolve a problem in this way.

Citronella collars are a training aid for the control of barking dogs and are available for hire from the Rangers Services branch of the council. For cost of hire fee of a collar for 4 weeks and additional cans of citronella if required, please refer to our Fees & Charges for costs involved.