Rotary Park

Beach Road, Christies Beach

Located at the end of Beach Road is Rotary Park. This would have to be the perfect spot to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work. Whether from the park’s gazebo or a nearby bench, the panoramic ocean-view is hard to beat. The rhythmic sound of waves embracing a sandy beach has an almost hypnotic effect, while the cool sea breeze clears the mind. Five minutes of breathing in the fresh salt-spray will have you craving a serve of tasty fish and chips!

As you toss your last chip to a hungry seagull and the sun slowly sinks towards the horizon, take a moment to admire the beautiful sunset, with its array of contrasting colours reflected in the rock cliffs of Witton Bluff. What a way to end the day…

Book this reserve buttonFacilities

  • BBQ
  • shelter
  • ball game space
  • seating / tables
  • toilets
  • disabled toilets
  • play equipment


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