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Aldinga Framework Plan

The Aldinga Framework Plan has been prepared to assist Council and the community to provide input into two significant state government initiatives currently underway in Aldinga namely:

  • the structure plan (SP) process to rezone 94 hectares of state government owned deferred urban land holdings for residential and other uses, and
  • the potential southern (birth-to year 12) school development  on this deferred urban land.

Aldinga Framework Plan


Council and community input into both these projects is important to ensure these initiatives align with Council and community views on the future of Aldinga.  

The community have an opportunity to have a say in this process. For more information on the State Government led Structure Plan and to subscribe for updates visit Renewal SA’s  website

You can also view the Structure Plan options and share your comments with Renewal SA between now and 7 April 2019 by visiting

In order to proactively lead and influence the state government’s Structure Plan and Southern School projects, Council has prepared the Aldinga Framework Plan (AFP) which was approved by Council on 19 February 2019 and has been provided to Renewal SA and Department of Education for input into their projects.

The AFP consolidates known information about the Aldinga region based on relevant Council strategic plans, asset management plans and related reports, with a focus on the Renewal SA land (including the potential school site). It also reflects known and emerging community views.

The AFP identifies issues and opportunities under the following themes:

  • Development and Planning
  • Transport and Movement
  • Landscape, Open Space and Water and
  • Design and character layer for the new school development.

There is opportunity for the AFP to evolve over time in response to further investigations and input.

For further information on the Aldinga Framework Plan contact David Gregory on

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