History and Heritage Awards

The five week nomination period extended over February and March, and was promoted through a variety of mediums including local Messenger newspaper, flyers and posters (as well as direct contact to owners of local heritage buildings, previous grant recipients and local heritage experts and builders). 

In addition, flyers and posters were placed in council’s libraries and community centres. All the local and state heritage listed property owners were notified through flyers.

The nominations closed on 18 March 2016.

Awards will be presented by Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg on 21 May 2016 at Sauerbier House, 21 Wearing Street, Port Noarlunga.

For further information regarding the History and Heritage Awards, please contact Divya Bali Dogra on (08) 8384 0552 or divbal@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au

Summary of Award winners and commendation

1. Heritage Places/Items

a) 45 Grants Gully Road, Clarendon (winner)

This place was nominated by the local community for best practice in conservation planning, heritage integrity retention, retention of original material types and building form, very high standard of work and sympathetic adaptation of a historic place.

The judges were appreciative of years of hard work and commitment by the owners to preserve this locally significant place. The owners bought this derelict property in 1989 (as seen in the photograph below) and have worked tirelessly to preserve the building using traditional material, interpreting the history through photographs and giving a new lease of life to this heritage listed place.

Heritage Award 45 Grants Gully Rd Clarendon - before

Heritage Award 45 Grants Gully Rd Clarendon - after


b) 37 Tatachilla Road, McLaren Vale (commendation)

This place was nominated by the owner for conservation works to the property including replacement of deteriorating slate with Spanish slate, installation of new structural members in the roof, replacement of gutters, flashings and ridge cappings.

The judges appreciated the planning prior to undertaking the conservation works, appropriated the selection of contractor and the material for replacement and adherence to council’s procedures.

Heritage Award 37 Tatachilla Rd Mclaren Vale - before

Heritage Award 37 Tatachilla Rd Mclaren Vale - after

2. Traditional Building Skills

The judges decided to award two winners in this category to acknowledge the commitment of local builders in preserving traditional skills. The winners scored on par with each other and the works that they have undertaken have enhanced the appearance of historic properties in addition to preserving their heritage values. The works undertaken by the winners are described briefly below:

a) 3 St Peters Terrace, Willunga (winner)

This place was nominated by the builder for the relaying of a slate roof with second hand Willunga slate. The slate was salvaged from the slate roof at the Port Noarlunga Surf Life Club.

The judges were impressed with the conservation practice of replacing like with like and utilising the second hand resource.

Heritage Award 3 St Peters Terrace Willunga before

Heritage Award 3 St Peters Terrace Willunga after

b) Peter Chapman, Building Eco Systems Pty Ltd (winner)

Peter is a local builder who has undertaken conservation works on many heritage listed places within Onkaparinga. The conservation works range from roof replacement to masonry repairs. Some of the projects that Peter has nominated for awards are:

  • slate roof replacement at Willunga Show Hall and 46 High Street, Willunga
  • masonry repairs, external repainting, repairs to barge boards at St Ann’s Anglican Church, Aldinga
  • masonry repairs at 140 Little Road, Whites Valley.

Peter has undertaken training to improve his skills in traditional materials. He maintains high standards in application of the skills and is passing on his knowledge to younger generations.

Heritage Award Peter Chapman before

Heritage Award Peter Chapman after

3. Heritage Stories - Kay Brothers - The First 125 Years book

This nomination is for a book that has been compiled by the Kay Brothers family to celebrate their 125 years in South Australia. The book covers the early development of the City of Onkaparinga. Kay Brothers have a wealth of materials including diaries, letters, books and photographs that have informed the book’s contents. The book is a story of how the early settlers formed a successful business and contributed to the local community.

The judges appreciated the presentation of information and accessibility of the information to the public. The judges felt it was a valuable addition to the heritage resources of the area.

Heritage Award - Heritage Stories Kay Brothers