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The full list of fields includes:
(Note:Truncation is automatic and No wildcards are supported.)

All fields The default search is across all fields in the basic search: Title, Subject, Description, Publisher.
Title You can just search by title
Creator You can just search for the creator or author.
Subject You can just search by subject term or select one of the major subject headings from below
Description The description field often holds additional information that can be valuable to search on.
Notes Contains information of relevance to the item.
Format You can search by the type of work (eg photo (colour), photo (black and white) etc).
Image Number You can search by the image number which is the number you must quote to order an image.
Date or Place You can search on date ranges (eg 192 will find images from the 1920s) or for places (eg Reynella) in this field. Note that this information may sometimes also be included in the title or description.
Rights This field contains information on the copyright or reproduction rights associated with an image.

Full results display

Click on the title, which is a hyperlink (underlined). This takes you to the full results display for an image, showing you all the descriptive information that relates to the image, including a thumbnail image.

Display order

The Local Studies On-line search results are returned in alphabetical order by title.

Getting too many results or no results

If you retrieve too many results try adding further search terms to make your search more specific or use the Advanced Search to limit your search to specific information fields.

If your search returns no results, try revising your search to something more general. Local Studies On-line use subject headings derived from the Australian Pictorial Thesaurus.

Purchasing a copy

To purchase a copy a photograph, click on the link under options to the right of the screen containing the full detail of the photograph. Today's date, reference number and title of the photograph will be automatically inserted into the photographic quotation form.

If you need help just ask

If you can't find what you are looking for or are having trouble using Local Studies On-line please contact us and we will do our best to help you.