Built Heritage Property Details

Office (former Willunga Post Office & Telegraph Station)

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Address: 62 High Street
Suburb: Willunga
Allotment No: Alt 91
Plan No: FP 163617
Zoning: Township (Willunga)
Area: Willunga
Heritage ID No: 10626
Type of Listing: State Heritage Place
Ownership: Private
Conservation Plan: No

Built in stages between 1857 and 1867, the building comprised Willunga's first telegraph station and second post office. The station was a focal point for mail and passenger services between Adelaide and the south coast until its closure in 1915. Originally designed as a telegraph station and official residence, the building is constructed from slate walls with rendered surrounds to openings and corrugated iron roofing. The building has landmark qualities in the townscape because of its prominent siting on high ground where the Adelaide Road joins the route to the south coast and because it is part of a complex of Government buildings erected on the original Government Reserve. For more information click here.

Post office and telegraph station

Post Office and Telegraph Station circa 1911 Photo courtesy of the State Library of South Australia (B55856)