Built Heritage Property Details


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Address: 3 Olive Street
Suburb: Old Reynella
Allotment No: Alt 6 Sec 524
Plan No: FP 5648
Zoning: Township (Old Reynella)
Area: Old Reynella
Heritage ID No: 305
Type of Listing: Local Heritage Places
Ownership: Private
Conservation Plan: No

A humble symmetrical cottage originally two rooms wide and two rooms deep. Walls are constructed of limestone random rubble with red brick quoins. The corrugated iron roof is hipped. Windows are timber framed casements.

This building is thought to predate 1860. Its form and construction suggest that it was built around this time. Prior to 1900 the cottage was owned by Walter Reynell & Sons as accommodation for its employees and was until recently known as 'Harvest Cottage'. It appears that substantial additions are about to be undertaken at the rear of the cottage.

Source: BHA2003

Cottage - southwest elevation Bruce Harry and Associates (2003)

Cottage - view from south Bruce Harry and Associates (2003)