Built Heritage Property Details


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Address: 15 Corn Street
Suburb: Old Reynella
Allotment No: Alt 99 Sec 524
Plan No: FP 162872
Zoning: Township (Old Reynella)
Heritage ID No: 299
Type of Listing: Local Heritage Places
Ownership: Private
Conservation Plan: No

A single storey cottage, built in stages. The original two room cottage has a symmetrical fašade which faces, but is well set back from, Old South Road. It has a steeply pitched gabled roof and a bullnose verandah extends across the front fašade, both are clad in corrugated steel. Walls are constructed of random limestone rubble with red brick quoins and chimneys. An early gabled addition of similar construction and proportions to the cottage has been built to the rear. The addition protrudes slightly on one side of the cottage. A skillion roofed stone addition has been constructed at the rear of the addition.

The original two roomed cottage, appears in a photograph of the town taken in 1905. Its form and construction suggest that it was built around the 1870's - 1880's. The early additions were probably built soon after. The stone lean-to addition was built in 2002 and replaced an earlier lean-to addition. The dwelling was owned by Walter Reynell & Sons Winery and used as accommodation for its employees. Walter Reynell & Sons sold it to Mr & Mrs Jack Mitchell in 1952.

Source: BHA2003

Cottage - view from southeast Bruce Harry and Associates (2003)

Cottage - view from northwest Bruce Harry and Associates (2003)