Built Heritage Property Details


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Address: 5 Corn Street
Suburb: Old Reynella
Allotment No: Pt Alt 303 Sec Pt 524
Plan No: DP 53564
Zoning: Township (Old Reynella)
Area: Reynella
Heritage ID No: 298
Type of Listing: Local Heritage Places
Ownership: Private
Conservation Plan: No

A single storey cottage constructed of stone (rendered) and red brick quoins. The cottage has two doors suggesting it may have once been two dwellings. The corrugated iron roof is hipped. A skillion verandah has been contructed along the front fašade.

This dwelling was owned by Walter Reynell & Sons Winery as accommodation for its employees. Its form and construction suggest that it was buit in the 1870's - 1880's. Gordon Cox was born in this house in 1889. He was a strapper for Carew Reynell and also worked at Walter Reynell & Sons for 47 years. He was elected member of Noarlunga Council from 1935 to 1948 representing the Reynella Ward. He was Captain of Reynella Football Club in 1910 and was a life member of most sporting clubs in Reynella.

Source: BHA2003

Cottage - view from southeast Bruce Harry and Associates (2003)