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Bridge across Christie Creek

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Address: Morrow Road
Suburb: Christies Beach
Allotment No: n/a
Plan No: n/a
Heritage ID No: 196
Type of Listing: Local Heritage Places
Ownership: Public
Conservation Plan: No

Former road bridge on Morrow Road with a single central stone pier, stone buttressing and local, rough-sawn timber log construction. The bridge has, at a later time, been overlaid with bitumen over corrugated iron sheets and is used only as a footbridge.

Little history is known about this bridge although bridges of this type were common in the mid to late 1800's and played a major role in developing the road network and opening up the State. It was once the main road bridge in the area to cross Christie Creek before Galloway Road was built in the early 1960's and Dyson Road Bridge was built (and rebuilt). Early O'Sullivan Beach residents tell of crossing the bridge to get to their blocks of land prior to the subdivision of O'Sullivan Beach in 1926. Due to demand for improved roads and bridges and the relative lack of durability of South Australian timbers few of these bridges survive. This bridge is believed to be the only example of this type of engineering construction remaining in the Noarlunga area. Several bridges of similar construction still exist in the Willunga district Council area. This bridge is believed to be the only example of this type of enginerring construction remaining in the Noarlunga area.

Extent of Listing
Bridge across Christie Creek - original structure

Source: BHA2003

Bridge across Christie Creek Bruce Harry and Associates (2003)