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Clarendon Weir - Onkaparinga River

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Address: Grants Gully Road
Suburb: Clarendon
Allotment No: Alt 32
Plan No: FP 5967
Zoning: Watershed Protection (Mount Lofty Ranges)
Area: Clarendon
Heritage ID No: 12711
Type of Listing: State Heritage Place
Ownership: Public
Conservation Plan: No

The weir was constructed through the Onkaparinga Waterworks Act of 1891 to divert water to an offstream reservoir at Happy Valley. Construction on the weir began in 1894 by J Wishart & Son and completed by departmental employees upon the request of the Commissioner. The weir is constructed of stone taken from Bagshaw's Quarry at Morphett Vale with some Macclesfield marble used for the facing of the weir. The original weir was 14 metres in height and was extended in the 1960's to 14.6 metres in height. For more information click here.

Clarendon Weir

Clarendon Weir under construction in 1890 Photo courtesy of the State Library of South Australia (B35574)